Six years and I can finally see the finish line!

by Britt

My novel, The Pace of Nature, is months away from being a fully drafted, mean, lean, storytelling machine. Charting a childhood from an unfortunate juvenile accident through the pains and awkwardness of growing up in a world at odds with a girl that just wants to find her place in it.

It’s my baby and it is almost ready for your eyes too!

Ever have a favorite TV show and wish it would never end? That’s how I feel all the time. I fall in love with these characters – Leslie Knope from Parks & Rec, (Big) Liz from Publizity on the The Nick Kroll Show – and then the series end for good, and I must say forever goodbye to all those who have been a large source of laughter for years.

As a writer who has spent six years perfecting a world with a plot that has expanded beyond my expectations, I just can’t seem to say goodbye to those I’ve created and fallen in love with.

So, while perfecting the final draft of The Pace of Nature – as I ready myself for the new and exciting (and certainly scary and frustrating) search for an agent – I’ll be continuing writing supplementary short stories that chart the intermediary adventures of my favorite characters – Lilly, Meisha & Charlie – as stand-alone stories.

Keep your eyes peeled!

I would love to thank the wonderful Elizabeth Eslami – editor, teacher, author of Bone Worship, as well as winner of the 2013 Ohio State University Short Fiction Prize for Hibernate (Books you must read!!). Elizabeth has gone above and beyond what can be expected from an editor and teacher. She has helped turn my story from a work of non-fiction into ferocious narrative prose. I am and always will be forever grateful. She is more than a writer, teacher, and editor – she is all heart.

A special thanks to my other editor, Garrett DeTemple – poet, writer of music and lyrics. Not only does he rip it – thumb plucking on a four string bass, he has been my second set of eyes for years. Garrett has gotten me through some rough writing times. He carries a great heap of patience in his arms for me, especially when walking through the door after a ten-hour workday, me following him around the house, reading him my latest scene, while picking his brain for notes. Somehow he still remains smiling! Most importantly, Garrett is there holding my hand when the time comes for me to “kill off my darlings,” the parts I write and love that don’t belong anywhere in the story. He is the perfect combination of persistence and creativity, not to mention he has a head of beautiful brown curly hair that smells like strawberries.