My Sister’s Wedding

by Britt

For those of who don’t know, Kristen is my younger sister. And for some reason ever since I can remember, I’d always considered her my baby. I’m not sure why exactly, since I myself was only two-years-old when she was born. But when thinking more about it, I’ve come to realize these feelings I have for her; the need to protect her, to look out for her, to give all that I have to give, are the same instinctual feelings a lioness has for her cub, feelings I’ve had the moment Kristen entered the world.

And I couldn’t have been happier at her wedding. After a brief and lovely ceremony under the shade of a wide, squat oak in the early evening, the sun shimmering through the branches (in which her oldest – at 2 – and my others sister’s oldest – at 6 – performed spectacularly as ring-bearer and flower girl, respectively, walking perfectly in tandem down the aisle!) we all absconded to the dance floor and broke it down.

The bride and groom were giddy all night. They danced their first dance to “Stir It Up” by Bob Marley and didn’t stop from there. Kristen had a lovely slow dance with our father to “My Girl”. We all taught each other how to dougie, shook that stanky leg, and nay nayed ‘til the cows came home. The champagne flowed like water and kept the delicious finger foods from sending me into a food coma. I feel sorry for anyone who missed it!

The gardens were lovely in the background, emerald and sprawling, coiled by a small stone-banked creek, and were perfect for watching the sky purple whenever a break was needed over the course of the night.

I love my sister and I love her husband and I’ll always owe them for my two nephews Garrett and Channing! Congratulations!