I’ll tell you something about music!

by Britt

I have been a fan of Adrian Hibbs’ music since I was fifteen years old, when I first heard him play the piano in the dim theaters of Hyde Boarding School, where from time to time he’d perform for the student body.

He’s been playing forever! Now, he lives in LA as a full time performer and session musician, playing shows at The Piano Bar, in the heart of Hollywood. Adrian also tours as a pianist and plays keys for a variety of bands, including a few of his own. Me and my girlfriends cabbed it from 184th street all the way downtown to see him play at the Blue Note – one of the premier jazz clubs in NYC – even though it was a 12:30 am show and I had work the next day. 🙂

Adrian was full of energy and his band rocked! All of the songs he sang, he wrote. And throughout the show, when switching from keys to the piano, Adrian breathed life into his instruments, making them do whatever he wished. Full on funkadelic R&B, he had the place moving. Girls in the front rocked their shoulders and whirled their hair around like windswept feathers. Good vibes were flowing, heads were bobbing, and everyone’s feet tapped under the tables. Couples were off to the side spinning, their heels clicking on the floor. And if you think I’m exaggerating, the manager said it was the best late night set of the whole summer, with over 110 people showing up to rock out past midnight!

This is one of the slow beats of the night – check him out!

And keep your eyes peeled for Adrian’s new single “Lilly,” which he wrote and recorded with Jussie Smollett (Empire) coming out November 6th.

To learn more about Adrian’s upcoming projects, performances, etc, check out his website:

Follow Adrian on Instagram: HibbsPlease

And, if you love his music as much as I do, head on over to iTunes to preview songs from his first debut album, “Eden.”


Happy listening!