Witch hunt

by Britt


Beware of female with crab-like feet, razor-sharp teeth and a green complexion. She was last seen by the water’s edge chewing on the fingers of unidentifiable children. She rides up on a serpent in the night and is known to shapeshift into a red tail hawk. Stay clear of high towers with bells or clocks! Her victims include Tommy the local farmer’s son who was turned into a floating ball of light. Sally from the candy store, where she showed up leaking slime from her eyes, whistling and throwing glass jars across the floor, leaving wet footprints behind. And Martha’s one-month old son; the hag was seen dragging sleeping Henry in a wagon towards the woods, where shortly after, sheriff Griff and his troop trailed behind, finding a small hut in the forest held together with pig skin and chicken bones. Henry and the crone were nowhere to be found.

The town is encouraged to line their homes with bibles and hang crucifixes on their doors. Sleep with rabbit’s feet,  be careful with mirrors and stay clear of black cats. Do not walk under ladders. And by all means, if you find a penny be sure to pick it up!

© Brittany DiGiacomo 2017